Immense amounts of personal data are stored on the internet or on-premise today.
Data breaches are increasing at an alarming rate.

  • Are you taking the necessary precautions?

         Encryption is important to protect you and your customers’ data whether you may be a small business or an enterprise. Encryption ensures confidentiality of your sensitive data by ensuring only authorised individuals are allowed to access it.

  • Why do you need encryption?
  • Does your organisationdeal with PII?

Compliance and data privacy are prevailing motivators to implement an encryption solution!

Regulations and standards enforce organizations to employ encryption to remain compliant. HIIPA requires the healthcare industry to keep personal health records encrypted and secure. Financial institutions need to adhere to PCI DSS, which enforced strict requirements on encryption on all PII.

Encryption should be employed where your sensitive data resides, your files, folders, whole disks and other storage mediums. Endpoint encryption enables your organisation to keep your stored sensitive information secure.

Billions of emails are sent per day. How secure are your emails? Email Encryption secures your emails by automatically encrypting the emails which leave your organisation.

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