Threat Hunting

Many organizations realise that threat hunting is an important aspect in the evolution of their Security Operations Centre (SOC). They remain perplexed of how to start, build, maintain and mature the threat hunting process. These days many organisations take an “alert” driven approach to cybersecurity incidents, reacting only after an incident has already taken place.

Many security incidents go undetected. These threats move in under the radar, giving businesses a false sense of security. As a result, organisations are increasingly recognizing the need to proactively hunt out threats that are lying undiscovered but still active within their infrastructures. Our Threat Hunting Services help you uncover advanced threats hiding within the organization, using threat hunting techniques carried out by highly qualified security professionals.

Service benefits:

  • Fast, efficient detection, enabling faster and more effective mitigation and remediation.
  • No time-wasting false positives, thanks to the clear, immediate identification and classification of any suspicious activity.
  • Reduced overall security costs. No need to employ and train a range of different in-house specialists you may need.
  • The reassurance of knowing that you are continuously protected against even the most complex and innovative malware threats.
  • Insights into attackers, their motivation, their methods and tools, and the potential damage they could inflict, supporting the development of your fully informed, effective protection strategy.

The results

Our findings are delivered in a detailed report covering:

  • General information confirming your network is compromised or signs that it may be;
  • Analysis of the intelligence gathered about threats and indicators of compromise (IOC);
  • Description of possible attack sources and compromised network components;
  • Remediation recommendations to mitigate the impact of an incident and protect your resources from similar attacks in future.

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