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Malwarebytes is your first line of defence against malware and hackers. Malwarebytes has come a long way from Marcin Kleczynsk, the founder and CEO of Malwarebtyes, and his community of malware hunters, to a world leading cyber security provider which serves thousands of customers. Malwarebytes has customers ranging from the governments to world leading technology companies.

Why Oyster for Malwarebytes?

Oyster Technologies are pioneers in bringing brand new state-of-the-art technology into the industry. Our relationship with Malwarebytes is strong and supportive, based on mutual confidence and trust in the Malwarebytes product portfolio, and our ability to deliver their products and solutions in the best possible way. We have qualified Malwarebytes engineers to support, advise, and deploy Malwarebytes solutions at scale for our customers. Our relationship is of the upmost importance, and we make sure that the service we provide is of highest quality and efficiency.

We have broad experience and in-depth understanding of the Malwarebytes product portfolio making Oyster Technologies an essential role in the ecosystem of Malwarebytes.

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