Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. One of the greatest threats to any organization is insider threats. When you think of insider threats, you think of malicious actors or corporate spies. That’s not always the case, often it is non-malicious uninformed employees who are responsible for most breaches. Your employees are familiar with your infrastructure, they have authorized access to sensitive information, what do you do to ensure that your employees are educated on cyber security?

Are your inboxes filled with phishing emails? Are all your employees well versed in phishing?

Spear phishing through social engineering has risen over the years. Most organizations fall victim to phishing scams and lose millions. Oyster Technologies can help educate your employees so they can distinguish a malicious email from a legitimate one.

It’s not just phishing that organisations should account for. It’s not a case of “if” organizations get breached it’s a case of “when”. Security awareness training has become mandatory for any organization. With security awareness training, all your employees will become aware of the dangers that lurk in the cyber world and how to keep themselves and your organization from harm. Oyster Technologies delivers proficient training for your employees to ensure that they are fully awake to the dangers and consequences of falling prey to cyber-threats.

We help build a secure culture within your organisation!

Compliance standards impose strict regulations on organisations to be security-aware. From HIPAA in the healthcare industry to PCI DSS in the financial industry require organizations to have security awareness programs in place. We can help your organization to comply with the ample number of standards and regulations that apply to you.

Attracting High-profile customers is not easy. Having a secure culture within your organization reassures your customers that you will handle their data with maximum security. Having a renowned security culture elevates your brand image and reputation, helping your business grow!

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