Security Operations and Incident Management involves identifying, recording, analysing and managing security threats, risks and incidents in real time. The aim is to convey a strong and comprehensive perspective on all security issues inside a designated IT framework.

SOC Service

A Security Operations Center (SOC) involves a specialist group responsible for detecting, investigating, responding to and preventing cyber threats in an organisation. The SOC staff will work carefully with other cyber security staff (such as incident response teams) to guarantee that any issues are managed rapidly upon discovery. A SOC group will likewise increment framework versatility, distinguish and address, criminal, careless or strange way of behaving and gain business intel about user behaviour.

Incident Response

Cyber security breaches are fast becoming both the top risk and worst-case scenario for businesses. The immediate and aberrant effects of an information breach can be experienced in multiple ways. Frequently, associations accept they have accurately found the source of the breach but an independent investigation can expose new proof, implying that different pieces of your current security design can be assessed and, where appropriate, refined.

Affected by a Cyber Incident?

When your organization encounters a situation requiring swift and thorough action, our Incident Response team is there to help. No matter the root cause of attack, our responders offer trusted insights against these vulnerabilities.

We help you quickly contain the incident while preserving the chain of evidence to allow for follow-up investigation and forensics to trace the breach back to the source and produce actionable insight to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Oyster Technologies’ Cyber Security Incident Response service will:

  • Effectively react to a sign of compromise.
  • Identify and remediate the root cause.
  • Understand the extent of a security event and/or incident.
  • Communicate the context of a breach to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Understand and visualise the overall attack and compromise lifecycle.

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