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Security is an opportunity to advance your business with clarity and confidence. Rapid 7 believes that through shared visibility, analytics and automation, they are simplifying the complex. Rapid 7 provides exhaustive real-time data collection, cutting-edge correlation and unique insight attacker techniques. They strengthen an organisation’s ability to reduce the risk of a breach, and then to detect and respond to attacks.

Rapid 7 started a unique production in 2000 with the vision of thinking like the attacker, looking at existing data silos where point solutions are pushing you were irrelevant. The result of this was Nexpose, a Unified Vulnerability Management software. The vision of Rapid 7 made them a visionary, a leader and an innovator, Rapid 7 moved from the niche quadrant to the leader quadrant in Gartner Magic Quadrant at breakneck speed. Today Rapid 7 provides a portfolio of products to a comprehensive spectrum of customers, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions, healthcare, energy providers, technology and communication companies, universities, retailers, manufacturers, as well as State Governments. Rapid 7 with its Metasploit framework, invests heavily in researching the latest vulnerabilities and improving security awareness.

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Why Oyster Technologies for Rapid 7?

Businesses need to find an alternative approach that allows them to observe only traffic of interest and therefore avoid the need for costly, time-consuming processes while also allowing them to gain true visibility and insight into what is happening. At Oyster Technologies, we are rapidly evolving in a competitive and fast-growing industry. We are visionaries, who are adapting to fit future evolving cyber terrorisations that are coming next and deciding just what the imminent threats of the security industry looks like.

At Oyster Technologies we believe in providing a complete solution, not just reselling a product. We have invested heavily on our technical team to be experts in the Rapid 7 product portfolio, to support, advise, and deploy Rapid 7 solutions. We have allocated Rapid 7 certified engineers to be solely focusing on delivering solutions swiftly; gaining more insight with every implementation. Regardless of how your infrastructure is built, Rapid 7 products can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid infrastructure, and we deliver the best service of Rapid 7 to you, we guarantee it.

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InsightVM & InsightIDR

Rapid7’s Incident Detection and Response and Vulnerability Management solutions, InsightIDR and InsightVM, integrate to provide visibility and security detection across assets and the users behind them.

InsightVM identifies and prioritises weak points on your network, while InsightIDR persistently hunts threats by combining user behavior analytics, SIEM, and endpoint capabilities all in one. In combination, you detect malicious behavior earlier in the Attack Chain and expose user and asset risk, prioritized based on our knowledge of the attacker. This allows you to measurably reduce your attack surface, detect “unknown-unknowns” in real-time and save time by knowing where to hunt.

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