IT security and Risk Management

To be successful organisations must balance shareholder values, customer needs, profitability, and compliance with regulatory requirements. To maintain the delicate equilibrium a comprehensive IT security and risk management strategy is required.

In order to protect intellectual property, sensitive customer data, and other critical business data, organisations need to invest in a holistic security strategy to ensure protection, and to meet business objectives. Oyster Technologies can help you achieve this in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

IT Governance

Data is an organization’s greatest asset, which increases both the need for risk management and pressures on your organization to match compliance. Use of the cloud and other file-sharing or social media sites increase the complications that businesses face. The balance between exceptional IT performance and data protection is difficult, and there is an extraordinary dependence on technology and monumental consequences when it fails.

IT governance is required to address the challenges faced. Strategic and business objectives can only be achieved if the performance of those responsible for key IT decisions are monitored. IT governance identifies what is required to manage the risks an organisation faces within IT.

IT Planning, Strategy and Architecture

In order to successfully take advantage of new opportunities, and to adapt to emerging market trends, it is necessary for business and IT managers to support each other’s strategies. They should focus on the value proposition and cost-effectiveness of key IT initiatives.

Oyster Technologies will aid in the merging of business and technology. We work alongside your IT team to discover the gaps in your systems and functions and then design a future proof plan to demonstrate what technologies and products you need to ensure your current and future data will be protected.

Oyster Technologies can also help design and reporting,
and risk management procedures to help you monitor and implement your plans.

See the list below for an example of what we can do for you

  • IT Strategy: Putting your business goals into a multi-year plan and help work out how IT can help.
  • Enterprise IT Architecture: creating a business-driven technology plan that includes: applications, infrastructure, information, integration, metrics, processes, and security components.
  • IT Redesign and capability development: Analysing and optimising an IT teams’ contributions to your organisation. This includes aspects such as IT management, IT governance, IT organisation, and IT value measurement and reporting.
  • IT innovation and prototyping: Developing processes to identify, prioritise, and plan your ideas, products and prototypes. Evaluating business relevance and marketing impacts to ensure uninterrupted innovation.

IT Asset and Portfolio management

IT assets can be expensive to acquire, maintain, and store. Therefore, asset management is key in helping IT teams efficiently use their companies’ resources in supporting the needs of users, clients, and business functions

IT asset management is using the assets and data to make important decisions. Asset-based decisions are about using the informational value of assets and data to propel the business forward, rather than looking at raw data quantities and accuracy.

Here are some of the key goals of asset management in IT

  • Enforce compliance with corporate security policies and regulatory requirements
  • Improve productivity by deploying the technology to support user and business needs
  • Reduce licensing and support costs by eliminating or reallocating underutilized resources and licenses
  • Limit overhead costs of managing the IT environment

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